We've summarized some of the topics discussed when we work together to enhance your fund raising programs.  

Annual Fund Raising Plans

Annual Campaigns are the key to raising your annual budget. The question: is your annual campaign growing or is basically steady or are you struggling to figure out how to manage the annual campaign.   I am here to help.

  • Start a development strategic plan
    • This requires understanding your data base, your metrics and more
  • Understand donor communications
    • Donor communications are about them, not you.
  • Determine if your Special Events are valuable
    • What is your return on investment?
    • Are you meeting and working with donors?
  • Work to maintain your donors
    • Donor retention brings life -long gifts.
  • Get your Board on board
    • Most Board members do not want to consider an ask, and they don’t have too. But they do need education to get them on board.

Board of Directors Education

Is your Board of Directors a fundraising board? Or are they afraid of the ask, not willing to be on the Development Committee or help in any way?

Every single Board member should be part of the development campaign.  They don’t need to ask and they don’t need to hand over their email lists.   However, they do need education to help them understand their vital role in development. They are your best advocates and they need to understand how their gifts, commitment and volunteering are fundraising activities.

Strategic Grant Writing

If you have a fabulous grant writer – you don’t need to read this.  Many organizations have their directors or program people writing grants.  This is just fine as long as they understand some basic tips and communicate with each other.  There needs to be a strategic grant  writing plan in place so that program officers understand:

  • who is writing the grant
  • understanding the foundations requirements and possible amount to give
  • deadlines
  • reports

Understanding and using your Metrics

Most Executive Directors, Board of Directors use just one metric for fund raising – How much did you bring in!

Well, that is an important number but it is usually a gross number.  Other metrics must be involved to determine if your annual campaigns is going well.

  • ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Donor Retention – overall
  • New Donor Retention
  • Moving gifts upward
  • Average gift
  • Grant:
    • Overall percentage of output vs gifts
    • Number of new grants